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If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!

Positivity. Passion. Purpose.


That’s what you can expect to learn as Aaron Hunnel offers a powerful prescription for moving Upwards in life towards self-improvement and personal success. Drawing from his life experiences in poverty, war, and endurance racing, Hunnel offers a perspective that will empower you to achieve your greatest goals, dreams and aspirations. This book contains just the right formula of analogies, real-life anecdotes, and credible research to pave the way towards your new life of health and happiness. As you read the lessons contained in this book, you’ll learn exactly what it means to maximize your life through the principles of positivity, passion and purpose. If you’re ready to move Upwards in life, this book is for you!


Aaron Hunnel Book

"Powerful! The author uses uplifting stories and research to inspire people to move upwards, together."

—  Richard T.

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